can ulcer prevent a woman from getting pregnant

Can Ulcer When Pregnant A Woman From Getting Pregnant


Alot of people mostly women have always asked the question “Can ulcer prevent a woman from getting pregnant”?

Below we have compiled a well researched informations to help provide answers to the above question.


As the name suggests, stomach ulcer is peptic ulcer (open sore) that forms on the inside lining of the stomach.

Stomach ulcer is really curable when detected on time and appropriate methods of treatment used.

With appropriate treatment patients of peptic ulcer will make full recovery.

However if stomach ulcer happens to develop when a woman is pregnant it can be more challenging to properly treat because we now have a very tedious work of being careful of the drugs being used to avoid contraindications.

Can a woman get pregnant with stomach ulcer?

Can ulcer prevent a woman from getting pregnant
Can ulcer prevent a woman from getting pregnant

Gastric or peptic ulcer is a gastrointestinal condition that affects the upper part of the stomach known as the pylori and the small intestine resulting to duodenal ulcer.

Peptic ulcer has nothing to do with the reproductive system of a woman because it’s mostly associated with the digestive system.

So relax and breathe because peptic ulcer will not stop you from being a mother, did that make you smile now?

Currently, there is no scientific evidence that proves that stomach ulcer disease can affect fertility.

Nevertheless there may some secondary factors associated with the disease that may have an effect on your chance of getting pregnant.

For instance some drugs used for the treatment of peptic ulcer can affect sperm either by reducing their motility and their penetrating ability. Peptic ulcer can also turn into a serious condition if not properly treated before conception.

The possible complication includes.

  1. Internal bleeding which occurs as a result of the effect of an ulcer on blood vessels in the stomach. The bleeding can slow progressive or rapid bleeding leading to symptoms such as pale skin, anaemia, lethargy, blood in the stool.
  2. Perforation of the lining of the stomach. This can expose the pregnant woman susceptible to serious infections of the abdominal cavity called peritonitis.

Stomach ulcer might also present a lot of discomfort  if not properly treated before conception.

Scarred stomach ulcer causes inflammation that may obstruct the passage of food through the digestive tract .The symptoms includes vomiting, weight loss, and bloating of the stomach.

These complications can disturb you greatly during the pregnancy period.

Although the peptic ulcer disease will not affect your chances of getting pregnant but it’s still advisable that you talk to your doctor before conception, as these will make room for safer adjustments during the period of your pregnancy.

Just as we know that pregnant women needs safer drugs during pregnancy and not all the medicines used for treating peptic ulcer are safe for pregnancy.

Are there effects of peptic ulcer during pregnancy?

Now that we have answered your first question on if peptic ulcer can prevent a woman from getting pregnant, I will also want to carefully explore and see if there is any effect stomach ulcer have on a pregnant woman.

It’s important to note that while peptic ulcer can be treated and cured before pregnancy, it’s also very important to know that there is a chance for the disease to recur during the period of the pregnancy.

The reasons why some pregnant women develop ulcers and others do not develop them is not fully understood but just know that you are at a higher risk of developing stomach ulcer if you have one or two of the following habits.

  1. A chronic smoker
  2. A heavy alcohol drinker
  3. If you have previous history of peptic ulcer.

Peptic ulcer is rarely diagnosed during pregnancy but if eventually it  occurs don’t panic because there are a lot of certified medical treatments that can enable you cope properly throughout the period of the pregnancy.

What are the symptoms of peptic ulcer?

Pregnancy symptoms like vomiting,nausea,headaches and other symptoms can be of great discomfort during pregnancy not to talk of when ulcer symptoms suddenly comes into the picture, then the  whole period of pregnancy will simply be traumatic.

Remember that the ultimate goal is to have a healthy pregnancy and equally give birth a healthy baby.

The symptom of peptic ulcer includes;

  1. vomiting
  2. Belching and bloating
  3. Feeling of fullness
  4. Fatty food intolerance
  5. Stomach discomfort

The risk of nutrient deficiency

Having ulcer during pregnancy is not a good idea because it will affect your nutrient level because during the period of pregnancy it’s important that the pregnant woman get enough nutrients that will sustain herself and her baby.

But  the presence of ulcer symptoms such as fatty acid intolerance, bloating and vomiting will affect the appetite of the pregnant woman .If your appetite is affected it will be quite difficult to get the needed nutrients that will sustain the pregnancy until delivery.

If you don’t eat, you may have malnutrition which is so dangerous for your pregnancy because nutritional deficiencies pose the risk of poor pregnancy outcomes including premature birth, postpartum haemorrhage, low birth weight or even birth defects.

You sure do not want to experience all this, so it will only be proper if you properly treat peptic ulcer disease before giving conception a shot.

Visit your doctor

Just in case the information here does not answer all your questions although I hope it will, you can see your doctor for more information.



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